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Part-Time Packaging Assistant

Hey babes! I'm look for someone in the Saint Petersburg area that is skilled in working in a fast pace environment to help with customer service and packaging orders throughout the week (once/day or every few days depending on need) and to be on call during peak hours (Sep-Feb).

The right candidate for the role must be willing to prioritize this work, even if they work from home already and (understandably) have other commitments. My focus is on building a core team of people that are responsive, accountable and handle customer service with the brand and ethics of Bohemian Rêves in mind. 

Duties to start will include but are not limited to: pulling customer orders, cleaning and labeling finished products, product fulfillment, quality control, packing and shipping orders, unboxing and restocking incoming items/orders, cleaning up and keeping production area tidy, local package drop offs.

This position will start on a trial basis leading up to our busy season in September, if we feel you’re a good fit for our team after the summer months then we will discuss expanding the position and hours to focus on the work you want to be doing beyond remote packaging, and becoming an integral part of the team. The possible expansion of this position (at the end of August) may include apprenticing for production, market pop-up events, travel and shifts for retail. 

Do NOT dm or call for this position. Applications will only be considered if a resume is sent to along with a brief description of why you are the best fit for the position.

Hourly rate for this position is $9 per hour throughout trial period.